Correctional Facility

Contraband threatens the safety of inmates, facility personnel, as well as the community in which the facility is located. The way contraband is introduced into correctional facilities continues to increase in sophistication globally. The delivery of payloads such as drugs and weapons, are now being coordinated utilizing mobile communications devices and drones.

Unlike other technologies which focus specifically on drones, or only the detection of mobile devices, the DGS CLEARSKY™ system combines mobile detection and drone threat management in one, cost-effective platform. Risk management requires coordinated attention to command, control and coordination activities to reduce threat.

DGS technology adapts with the situational awareness needs of correctional facilities, providing technology which can easily integrate with existing camera systems or unite data repositories to provide valuable insights.

DGS CLEARSKY™ technology delivers enhanced situational intelligence regarding the existence of surveillance activities and potential adversaries in proximity to site. Wireless signatures denoting the existence of surveillance equipment, as well as the presence of mobile radios and cellular phones, are detected automatically. Alarms, containing details such as drone type and line of bearing, are sent to network operation centers supporting swift remediation.

As technology continues to evolve and threats continue to become more sophisticated, DGS technology offers smart technology enhancing physical and cyber security efforts for utilities.


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