Public Safety

Seconds matter when it comes to saving lives. Quality and sustained communications enable First Responders to coordinate effectively during day-to-day operations, large scale events and emergencies. There are also no second chances when it comes to keeping the public safe. Access to real-time situational intelligence is paramount when protecting residents from acts of terror.

DGS appreciates the commitment to service which policeman, fireman and emergency responders provide to our communities. To support that mission, DGS delivers:

  • spectrum monitoring networks which assist in keeping First Responders connected.
  • systems which automatically detect network outages during disasters.
  • real-time situational awareness for law enforcement, because a drone equipped to carry a dangerous payload can attack at any time.

Seconds are critical to protecting the public. DGS is aware of that and our solutions are designed to support reliable communications and provide situation intelligence rapidly.

DGS CLEARSKY™ technology delivers enhanced situational intelligence regarding the existence of surveillance activities and potential adversaries in proximity to site. Wireless signatures denoting the existence of surveillance equipment, as well as the presence of mobile radios and cellular phones, are detected automatically. Alarms, containing details such as drone type and line of bearing, are sent to network operation centers supporting swift remediation.

As technology continues to evolve and threats continue to become more sophisticated, DGS technology offers smart technology enhancing physical and cyber security efforts for utilities.


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