As demand for mobile broadband services continues to explode, network densification plays a significant role in meeting capacity needs. Detailed planning is required to take advantage capacity gains small cells provide. Planning must include:

  • Identification of underserved areas, or areas of pent up demand
  • Efficient reuse of spectrum
  • Minimization of overshoot and other types of interference

DGS mobile and fixed solutions act as long-term, passive listening devices, aggregating RAN data. Traffic and quality data are analyzed for the carrier, as well as its competitors. Acquired knowledge is combined with more traditional datasets, highlighting areas where additional infrastructure will assist with capacity. Analysis also provides clarity regarding the underlying sources of chronic and intermittent interference impacting performance.

DGS technology assists mobile network providers with their current challenges regarding densification and is well positioned to help with the future of connectivity.

DGS CLEARSKY™ technology delivers enhanced situational intelligence regarding the existence of surveillance activities and potential adversaries in proximity to site. Wireless signatures denoting the existence of surveillance equipment, as well as the presence of mobile radios and cellular phones, are detected automatically. Alarms, containing details such as drone type and line of bearing, are sent to network operation centers supporting swift remediation.

As technology continues to evolve and threats continue to become more sophisticated, DGS technology offers smart technology enhancing physical and cyber security efforts for utilities.


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