Critical Asset Protection


Keeping personnel and facilities safe has increased in complexity. Surveillance activities have simplified,due to innovation in drones and wireless cameras. Advancements in mobile communication, enable the criminal element to coordinate illicit activities with ease.

Security organizations are actively searching for ways to work more efficiently, identify and respond to threats faster.


Until now, RF (radio frequency) analysis has played a limited role in security strategies. RF monitoring systems have the ability to detect presence and, in some cases, intent. Unfortunately, these systems are typically focused on a single requirement, such as mobile phone or drone detection. The data produced is often difficult to act upon, or an abundance of false alarms are produced, due to a lack of intelligence.


CLEARSKY™ was developed to provide security teams, which protect critical assets, with actionable knowledge. The system fulfills multiple requirements and is intelligent enough to distinguish anomalous signals accurately. CLEARSKY™:

  • Learns what is typical for an environment, producing relevant alarms.
  • Provides detail regarding land mobile radio (LMR), Cellular, Wi-Fi and Drones.
  • Detects, classifies and locates multiple signals of interest.
  • Details are provided in near real-time, to a single pane of glass interface.
  • Proximity, recurring activity and the presence of surveillance are all provided automatically, 24×7.

CLEARSKY™ is a passive, automated and intelligent monitor, enabling stakeholders to see what’s happening 24×7, on-site or remote.

DGS CLEARSKY™ technology delivers enhanced situational intelligence regarding the existence of surveillance activities and potential adversaries in proximity to site. Wireless signatures denoting the existence of surveillance equipment, as well as the presence of mobile radios and cellular phones, are detected automatically. Alarms, containing details such as drone type and line of bearing, are sent to network operation centers supporting swift remediation.

As technology continues to evolve and threats continue to become more sophisticated, DGS technology offers smart technology enhancing physical and cyber security efforts for utilities.


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